Monday, May 6, 2013

A Seuss-tastical Teacher Appreciation Week

Thanks to my sister, she inspired me to do a Seuss Inspired Teacher Appreciation Week. I got ieas from Pinterest and Google and came up with a week long of goodies to give to my sons teacher each day of the week!

My son's teachers are on a healthy kick, so I tried to do snacks that were low in calorie. We have Goldfishes, Tic Tacs, Water and Pink Lemonade Packs, and Popcorn all inspired by a Dr. Seuss book!
Ben-Ben will give his teachers one treat a day and on Friday, we will do a basket of treats for them to share.  I'm still working on the list, but so far, we will have...
1. Yertle Turtle ~ Skinny Cow's Peanut ClustersMar
2. Green Eggs and Ham ~ Pretzels with Marshmallows and Green M&M's
3. Cotton Candy ~ Truffle Trees

Still thinking of more ideas!

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